Welcome the new PTC Executive Committee!

The PTC held its final meeting of the 2016-17 school year and is pleased to announce the 2017-18 Executive Committee Members:

Kellie Cunningham (O'Neill), Director of Membership
Betsy Harootyan, Directory of Communications
Jessica Boyle, Director of Enrichment
Rebecca Goldman, Director of Fundraising

 The remaining members of the PTC are:

Devon Nelson, President
Roopal Kundu, VP of Avoca West
Melissa Mastros, VP of Marie Murphy
Jenny Wilson, Treasurer
Emily Patten, Secretary
Kathryn A'Hearn, Director of Volunteers

A HUGE thank you to Eden O'Donnell and Sharon Dodd for their wonderful service to the PTC. Their time, dedication and enthusiasm have changed our school community for the better!!  


Executive Board For The 2016-2017 School Year 

Devon Nelson, President                               (Clark, 3rd/Evangeline, 1st)

devoncnelson@gmail.com                 (773) 592-1715

Roopal Kundu, AW Vice President                  (Nalin, 5th/Nayana, 3rd,/Nadiya, K)

roopalkundu@gmail.com              (312) 925-6115

Melissa Mastros, MM Vice President            (Jack, 7th/Graham, 6th/Luke, 3rd)

              Melissa.Mastros@cbexchange.com (312) 307-6701

Betsy Harootyan, Director of Volunteers       (Emmett, 3rd/Max, K)

            betsyharootyan@gmail.com              (773) 315-9611

Sharon Dodd, Director of Membership          (Casey, 7th/Logan, 3rd, Jesse, 3rd)

            sharonhd@aol.com                             (303) 324-6868

Eden O’Donnell, Director of Enrichment       (Colin, 6th, Maeve, 4th)

edenodonnell@gmail.com                 (847) 702-8986

Kathryn A’hearn, Director of Fundraising      (Madeline, 4th, Lauren, 2nd)

            Ahearn.kathyrn@gmail.com              (312) 618-1717

Wilma Rivera, Director of Communications(Ben, 2nd/Tony, K)

            Wlino328@gmail.com                        (847) 312-6044

Jenny Wilson, Treasurer                                 (Kate, 8th/Jessie, 5th/Jake, 3rd)

            JDenosaquo@sbcglobal.net                (847) 417-4413

Emily Patten, Secretary                                  (Finnian, 8th/Alexandra, 4th)

            emilyjpatten@gmail.com                   (312) 399-3859


Avoca West Teacher Liaison – Stephanie Rick

Avoca West Teacher Liaison – Jennifer Stefan

Marie Murphy Teacher Liaison – Peter Ogden

Superintendent of Schools – Kevin Jauch