Avoca Different Learners Committee

Avoca Different Learners Committee (ADL) is a parent support group for children with learning differences and with all needs.

If you are interested in learning more about ADL or joining, please contact either:

Helen Lucaitis: HHL@corboydemetrio.com 
Louise Dechovitz: Louise111@gmail.com

Avoca Different Learners – Parents Night Out – March 14 at 7p.m.

Meet up with parents of children with IEPs, 504s, ADHD, ADD, autism and other types of learning differences at Stormy’s Tavern in Northfield. This event is open to all Avoca parents. We will have a reserved table in the restaurant. 

Please email Louise Dechovitz, louise111@gmail.com, or Helen Lucaitis at HHL@corboydemetrio.com, if you intend to join.