Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee (DISC)

Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee Upcoming Events:

September 4, 2019 through September 5, 2019 from 8am-4pm —- “Beyond Diversity” Seminar at New Trier High School, in Room C234 at the Northfield Campus on 7 Happ Road, Northfield, Illinois. For a nominal fee of $15 participants from the New Trier community at large will engage in a thoughtful, compassionate exploration of race and racism. We will grapple with how each influences the culture and climate of our broader environment, negatively impacts achievement and serves as barriers for all. This experience includes opportunities that move participants on their journey based on where they are personally first. Beyond Diversity strives to create an environment that enables equity and success for all. This involves confronting how people of different racial backgrounds understand and interact with each other. For many, the experience creates a level of trust and understanding around racial equity that did not exist previously.

Who Can Attend the Seminar?

  • Open to all who live within the geographic boundaries covered by New Trier High School. It is not necessary to have a child currently at NT High School to attend.

  • It is essential that you commit to the full 2 days in order to benefit from this experience. If you cannot commit to the entire time, we ask that you seek to participate at another time.

  • Once you have registered you will receive further information and logistics about the seminar, closer to the date.

  • For questions contact beyonddiversity@heros.community.com



The Diversity Inclusion Committee came together through the overwhelmingly positive community response to the annual Intercultural Dinner and Talent Show, which highlighted and celebrated one aspect of Avoca’s diversity. This joint group of parents, teachers, administrators, Board of Education members are like-minded in their efforts to leverage the district’s "diversity." This group explores the various dimensions of diversity and establish programs that support and promote an inclusive and equitable community in which all individuals can participate in and contribute to the life of the school.

Avoca School District 37 is by far the most diverse of the New Trier High School sender districts when it comes to race, nationality/languages spoken, and income. This committee recognizes that these are not the only types of diversity underrepresented in society and Avoca. The Diversity Inclusion Committee founders believe that Avoca’s diversity is a strength to be celebrated and optimized for the greater good of all Avoca community members.

The core principles upon which the group is founded are as follows:

• We believe that students/everyone benefit(s) when they feel welcomed and included in their (school) community.

• We believe that all students benefit by learning about and understanding the differences and similarities among people.

• We believe that students develop a greater sense of understanding and empathy by learning from a variety of perspectives.

As much as the steering committee values diversity, we felt that it was also essential to explicitly state our commitment to inclusivity; thus the Diversity Inclusion Subcommittee (DISC).

In order to bring greater visibility and support to the group, the steering committee would like for the Diversity Inclusion Subcommittee (DISC) to exist under the PTC umbrella. It is anticipated that the DISC will be comprised of open-minded people who will further develop the subcommittee’s mission, vision and beliefs, and facilitate activities to further this cause. Interested in learning more about DISC? Contact Ami Das (amidesai1976@yahoo.com) or Miya Hasegawa (miyako.hasegawa@sbcglobal.net).