Diversity & Inclusion SubCommittee (DISC)

In the spirit of celebrating diversity & inclusion at Avoca West & Marie Murphy, please join the first meeting to construct a formal group to support it.  

The meeting will be held on December 5th at Avoca West ITC at 6:30 p.m.

This a a joint group with parents, teachers, administrators,  Board of Education members and ideally the PTC who are like-minded and believe in doing something to leverage the "diversity" that the district has -- something beyond an annual Intercultural Dinner & Talent Show, which has gained a lot of support over the past 5 years.  This group would ideally explore different types of diversity and consider establishing a few programs to address various considerations in a supportive and inclusive manner.  


The Diversity Inclusion Committee came together through the overwhelmingly positive community response to the Intercultural Dinner and Talent Show, which highlighted and celebrated one aspect of Avoca’s diversity.

Avoca SD37 is by far the most diverse of the New Trier High School sender districts when it comes to race, nationality/languages spoken, and income. This committee recognizes that these are not the only types of diversity underrepresented in society and Avoca. The Diversity Inclusion Committee founders believe that Avoca’s diversity is a strength to be celebrated and optimized for the greater good of all Avoca community members.

The steering committee drafted these belief statements to help guide their efforts:

• We believe that students/everyone benefit(s) when they feel welcomed and included in their (school) community.

• We believe that all students benefit by learning about and understanding the differences and similarities among people.

• We believe that students develop a greater sense of understanding and empathy by learning from a variety of perspectives.

As much as the steering committee values diversity, we felt that it was also essential to explicitly state our commitment to inclusivity; thus the Diversity Inclusion SubCommittee (DISC).

In order to bring greater visibility and support to the group, the steering committee would like for the Diversity Inclusion SubCommittee (DISC) to exist under the PTC umbrella. It is anticipated that the DISC will be comprised of open-minded people who will further develop the subcommittee’s mission, vision and beliefs, and facilitate activities to further this cause.

For more information, contact avocaptc@gmail.com.