Outdoor Classrom

The outdoor classrooms at Avoca West encompass two unique courtyards that allow our students and their teachers a wonderful opportunity to conduct class in a naturalized setting. The landscape has been designed with interactivity in mind and sets the stage for both discovery and reflection. The goal of the outdoor classrooms is to reach into all elements of our curriculum and allow students a chance to engage with the natural world around them. There are areas within the garden that are structured for whole group presentation and areas for students to disperse and work independently or in small groups. Classes may schedule a visit to support content in Social Studies, perhaps a building project that models native villages in miniature or planting activities that help us to understand the early settlers in the midwest. Art activities are often explored using natural objects as a medium or simply in an exercise in seeing and drawing. Science content is prevalent in the uses the outdoor classrooms presents and provide direct observation in the Life Sciences, as well as simulations in the earth sciences such as witnessing the geologic forces of rivers and erosion or engaging in the study of paleontology through a staged Dino-Dig.

When students come to the Outdoor Classrooms at Avoca West they enter into an environment that is both stimulating and calming. We are dedicated to continuing to enhance the dynamic features that have been envisioned by the parent community and the staff as we continue to develop this resource to its fullest potential.


Contact Mellaura Johnson at johnsonm@avoca37.org if you are interested in volunteering for the Outdoor Classroom Nature Keepers.