Parent Learning Network

Avoca District 37's Parent Learning Network is Avoca West and Marie Murphy's parent learning resource.  We sponsor activities and provide information intended to help all of us better navigate the strange and wonderful world of parenting.

When parents fell like they can make a positive difference in their children's lives, they are said to have a high level of "efficacy." Parental efficacy is a belief in one's skills, abilities and resources to parent effectively, including the ability to protect children from negative influences and improve the family's school and community.

Struggle is Good!

A butterfly is incapable of flight until the struggle to fee himself from his cocoon has given his wings the strength he needs; the hardest you've ever struggled is the strongest you will be.

– Christopher Abraham


Parent Learning Library

The Parent Learning Library includes many books about many topics. Susan Geidner, Avoca West's ITC Director is in the process of putting together a Destiny Quest search. In the meantime, click here for a few favorites.