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If you've ever entertained the idea of getting more involved with our schools, now is your chance to join the PTC! Avoca PTC elections are right around the corner, and there are still open positions. 

Being on the PTC involves monthly meetings as well as any responsibilities directly tied to the position. It is a great way to give back to the school as well as fun way to meet other families across the district! For more information or to express interest, please email avocaptc@gmail.com

Job descriptions can be viewed HERE.

What is the Parent Teacher Council (PTC)?

The Avoca PTC transforms your school into a community! We are proud to be a resource for teachers, students and families and to offer a variety of opportunities for you to get to know your school community. The Avoca PTC includes families and staff at BOTH Avoca District 37 schools, Avoca West Elementary School (AW) and Marie Murphy Jr. High School (MM). We encourage you to join the Avoca PTC and contact us at any time to share your thoughts, concerns and questions. 

Dues are just $25/family!

PERK ALERT!! Membership gains you access to the online school directory!


4/20 - Movie Night!

5/2 - PTC General Meeting (ELECTIONS)

5/8 - Bike to School Day!

5/7 – 5/11 - Teacher Appreciation Week



Call for Volunteers

SIGN UP: Math Resource Volunteers

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PTC Contact Info

**Get to know your PTC Exec Board!! We would love to hear from you!**

Devon Nelson, President                   (Clark, 4th/Evangeline, 2nd) devoncnelson@gmail.com   

Roopal Kundu, AW Vice President   (Nalin, 6th/Nayana, 4th/Nadiya, 1st) roopalkundu@gmail.com   

Melissa Mastros, MM Vice President (Jack, 8th/Graham, 7th/Luke, 4th) melissa.mastros@cbexchange.com       

Jenny  Wilson, Treasurer                 (Jessie, 6th/Jake, 4th) jdenosaquo@sbcglobal.net 

Emily Patten, Secretary                           (Alexandra, 5th) emilyjpatten@gmail.com

Betsy Harootyan, Director of Communications                           (Emmett, 4th/Max, 1st) betsyharootyan@gmail.com                  

Jessica Boyle, Director of Enrichment     (Abigail, 7th/Brendan, 2nd) boylejessica@hotmail.com 

Rebecca Goldman, Director of Fundraising                                       (Atreyo Banerjee, 4th)                             re-be-go@hotmail.com 

Kellie Cunningham, Director of Membership                                         (Riley O’Neill, 3rd/Emme O’Neill, 2nd) cunninghamkellie@hotmail.com             

Kathryn A’Hearn, Director of Volunteers (Madeline, 5th/Lauren, 3rd) ahearn.kathryn@gmail.com                                                                              







 Earn money for our schools all year long! Click here to learn more and tell your friends and family!

Earn money for our schools all year long! Click here to learn more and tell your friends and family!

PTC Mission Statement

Avoca District 37 Parent Teacher Council (PTC) is a membership* of parents, teachers and staff who are dedicated to fostering the educational, social and overall well-being of each student at Avoca Community Preschool, Avoca West School and Marie Murphy School. We serve these students by promoting a closer working relationship among district families, the school and the community at large.

The purpose of the PTC is to:

  • Offer a forum for ideas, concerns and information
  • Promote parent involvement
  • Provide assistance to teachers through volunteerism
  • Assist administration in communicating school information
  • Sponsor social and educational events for students, families and the community
  • Fund special school programs through a variety of fund-raising events throughout the school year.
*Annual membership dues are $25 per family and help fund programs for all students.

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