New Families Welcoming Committee

Here is a collection of links that we think will be especially useful to new families to Avoca West and Marie Murphy.

Avoca West Handbook and Marie Murphy Handbook – a fabulous introduction to both schools

Volunteering Opportunities – continually updated with new options

• Lunch Menu – updated monthly

• Meal Time Link – put money in your child’s lunch account HERE

The Avoca PTC welcomes all new families!  We have a special New Families Welcoming Committee dedicated to help make a smooth transition to the Avoca District 37.  Our committee is in charge of
welcoming all families who re-located to Avoca as well as families who have children who are beginning school at Avoca for the first time.

The Welcome Committee comprises of parents at both Avoca West and Marie Murphy schools who work with the Admission Office to help new families transition to Avoca.  All new families receive a Host Family
who will act as informal Ambassadors to help new parents get oriented as well as be their contact person for any questions and concerns they might have in a new school environment.  Additionally, students in
grades 1-5 will be assigned a Student Buddy who will help make the new child feel welcome by sitting with the new student at lunch, in class and making sure they are included on the playground.

The committee also hosts social events to welcome newcomers to the community. These include the Meet and Greet held at Avoca West where New Families can mingle with current Avoca Families and get together with their Host Families and Student Buddies.  Informational meetings are also held in September to help answer questions not answered during registration or at orientation.

The members of the New Families Welcoming Committee have children of all ages and have experienced every grade; do not hesitate to ask us any questions about school or the district, we feel pretty

Email AVOCAPTC@GMAIL.COM with any questions you may have and you will be directed to the correct source.