Art In Action Day

Each year, Avoca West hosts an Art in Action as a way to help students develop creativity, critical thinking, self-expression and cultural awareness through various art curriculum. Students from K to 5th grade master an art project under the guidance of a local artist and parent volunteers get to help out. Past year’s art stations included hands-on experience with watercolors, abstract acrylic painting, still life, digital portraits, jewelry making, dance, glow stick photography, mask painting and collage scrapbooking.This year’s Art-in-Action Day will be held on February 6, 2020.

Every year, local artists partner with Art in Action. Last year’s artists included:

Karisma Dance Company - Karly Walchli

For dance classes and summer camp options visit

Glenview School of Arts - Dong Joo Kang & Bridget Halloran

Learn more about art techniques at various afterschool class options and summer camps at

Mary Gaspar - Our very own Avoca parent and artist. View her beautiful work at

Spark Your Art - Ellen Gradman

And some of the following Avoca parents and staff that also partnered with Art in Action:

Michele Rowe

Veronica Vyazovsky

Steve Brown

Kelly Sabatini

David Hoffheimer

Barbara Vogelstein