The Avoca Green Committee strives to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment by participating in sustainable practices and increased communal awareness.

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This year our Bike to School Day and Bike Safety Day will take place on Tuesday, May 14. There are so many health benefits to biking to school!

We have 2 exciting announcements:

1) The state of IL passed legislation stating that all schools must include Biking and Walking Safety into the school curriculum.  We are ahead of the curve for this, as we have already been doing this for several years.

2) Our school district also just got awarded a $12,000 grant from IL Department of Transportation Safe Routes to Schools to develop Safe Routes to School mapping and an action plan.  Once the mapping process is complete, it will be accessible on the Avoca website and will show the current safest way for children to get to school from any home in the district.  The mapping process will also find areas of needed infrastructure changes that will lead to safer biking and walking to school.  Stay tuned for ways that you can get involved.

Here is what you need to know about Bike to School Day:

For everyone:  We would LOVE to see as many people bike to school on Tuesday May 14.  We will be handing out Dairy Queen coupons to those kids riding bikes WITH HELMETS.  Please plan a route, ride in groups, and have an adult escort younger children (adults should be wearing helmets too!).  We want all kids to get to school safely.  There will be police presence at Lake and Laramie as well as adjacent to the school on Sherwood.  Remember to bring bike locks.

2nd graders:  We will have a bike rodeo during your child’s gym class (from 2-2:30 or 2:30-3).  We want as many kids as possible to have their bikes and helmets.  If not possible, your child will still be able to participate.  Important, in the morning when you ride your bikes to school, please park the 2nd grade bikes around the back of the building by the South Gym doors.  There will be signs showing your child’s teacher.  Park bikes near the correct signs.  We also need a few parent volunteers who can help out from 2:15-3 PM.  If interested in volunteering, please email Rachel at

4th graders: Your child will get a bike safety talk during their gym class (from 1-1:30 or 1:30-2).  Having a bike helmet would be great for this talk.

6th graders: During lunch your child will get a bike safety talk.  It will be more impactful if they rode their bike to school that day!

We hope to make this a successful day and get as many kids biking safely as possible!

Rain date will be Tuesday, May 21. For further questions email