Art In Action Day: February 8th


The gym at Avoca West was buzzing with creative energy on February 8th during the PTC-sponsored Art in Action Day! This year's art stations included hands-on experience with watercolors, abstract acrylic painting, still life, digital portraits, jewelry making, dance, glow stick photography, mask painting and collage scrapbooking. 

Thank you to the Avoca administration, staff and PTC for supporting and accommodating this event. Thank you to the music, instrumental and PE departments for giving up their spaces for a day.

Special thanks to these local artists for partnering with Art in Action:

Karisma Dance Company – Karly Walchli

Please check out their website for dance classes and summer camp options -

Glenview School of Arts – Dong Joo Kang & Bridget Halloran

Learn more about art techniques at various afterschool class options and summer camps.

Mary Gaspar

Our very own Avoca parent and artist. View her beautiful work at

Spark Your Art – Ellen Gradman

And to the following Avoca parents and staff that also partnered with Art in Action:

Michele Rowe

Veronica Vyazovsky

Steve Brown

Kelly Sabatini

David Hoffheimer

Barbara Vogelstein

And a great big thank you to the following teachers, students and parent volunteers who also helped make this event possible:

J Nuez, Nicki Scozia, Elizabeth Weismehl, Patrice Bazianos, Cooper Rowe, Olivia Cases, Jessica LeFebvre, Jenny Elhadary, Jenn Schnizlein, Dana Garbaski, Jaimie Altman, Kanchan Joshi, Erinn Smith, Jennifer Zanowski, Juan Hu, Berit Spiekes, Jina Song, Susan Dutca, Mike Dutca, Marnie Beilin and Lucy Wang. 

Special thanks to the Dunkin Donuts in Wilmette and Nothing Bundt Cakes in Skokie for making a small donation to support Art in Action this year!